At MIRE gráfico we believe in design, good design helps to sell more because it is the way to credibly convey the message of each brand, its values, and because it is essential to offer a good introduction of services or products. As is often said, "The first impression is what counts".

We always seek to create stunning graphics, in accordance with the philosophy of each brand and that achieve stand out and distinguish visual communication Created for each of our customers. Our goal is that the visual communication of your company iscoherent, attractive and professional.

In our studio we like to be transparent and we work continuously Communication with the customer, always advising on the correct reproduction of the strategy to be communicated in order to achieve the objectives set and that the resultados sean satisfactorios for our clients.

Graphic design is one of the communication tools most important for our studio and our greatest specialty. Graphic design helps us to communicate and connect people with ideas, sensations, feelings through shapes, colors, typography, compositions... and what is most important, a good graphic design makes that image or message is recognizable and remembered. The function of a good design should not be solely aesthetic or achieve a "pretty" graphic result, but the real goal to achieve is the correct one. message communication and the proper strategy for the brand.

Have a good brand image or graphic campaign makes the difference, will manage to connect with the target audience and make the message to be communicated efficient and memorable. Good design helps to gain visibility against competitors and shows professionalism.

Within the discipline of graphic design we carry out projects of all kinds:

  • Editorial design: design and layout of publications, magazines, books, memories, catalogues, brochures, technical reports...
  • Advertising design: gráfica publicitaria, carteles, pósters, vallas, flyers, trípticos, dípticos …
  • Corporate design:: logos, presentations, manuals, cards, corporate stationery...
  • Packaging: bags, packaging, labels, bottles, boxes...
  • Design for events:: stands for events, banners, rollups, invitations, accreditations, tickets...
  • Signage design: signage of spaces, labels, signs, corporeal, canvases, …
  • Media design: web, microsites, landing pages, banners, apps...

So that our clients do not have to worry about anything, our team takes care of the entire process, from the creation to the final art preparation ready to produce. We collaborate with professional printers that offer the most high quality at very competitive pricesTherefore, whenever necessary, we offer printed production of all our projects. So we can personally review the final result and ensure the right reproduction of our work.


Below we show you some of our most outstanding works from each of the design disciplines we work with. If you want to see more work done by our studio, you can do so by visiting our portfolio.

The Force is Female

The Force is Female

The iconic Air Force 1 is a symbol of hustle, hard work, and success. As more and more women embrace this look, and make it their own, the phrase The Force Is Female was born. The Force Is Female became a rally cry for women around the world, to recognize each other's hustle and help one another to uplift entire communities. The Force Is Female is a symbol of the collective hustle towards progress - a movement that can change the world. With this in mind, Nike is looking to harness the power of the creative collective to show the world what The Force Is Female stands for. For this contest I made three different proposals, with two variations each (photographic background or abstract background). All the proposals are based on calligraphy, trying to convey femininity and strength. Read more



The store and distribution company for products related to electronic cigarettes (commonly called vaping) launched a contest requesting the creation of its new corporate image. The study was encouraged to participate since it was a challenge without restrictions and of total ... Read more

MARCA – infografía

MARCA - infography

During the summer of 2010 I was a scholarship holder from the sports newspaper MARCA, there were 3 almost 4 months in which I worked and learned a lot as well as being able to enjoy the only World Cup that the Spanish team has won to date. Below I show a selection of works I did at that time. Read more

SHIMANO – gráficas publicitarias

SHIMANO – gráficas publicitarias

Below is a series of various advertising graphics made for Shimano-Macario Llorente, both in digital format for iPad/web and in printed format. Some banners and headers for facebook belonging to these campaigns are also shown below. WHY ... Read more


We are characterized by being totally transparent with our clients, we believe that having continuous communication and feedback is a very positive aspect and improved during the work process, it allows us to achieve optimal results. As for delivery times, they are fully customized depending on the complexity of the project and its urgency.


After a first contact with the client, we always carry out a small investigation about the needs of our client and their competition in order to correctly prepare a briefing that will determine the strategy.


Once the briefing has been prepared, it is time to develop a strategy, determine the key aspects that must be worked on in order to communicate the desired image and message in the most correct way and thus be able to achieve the desired objectives.


Once the guideline to follow has been set, the design of several proposals will be carried out, among which a screening will be carried out in order to only present the most appropriate and best executed proposals to the client.


Finally, the final presentation to the client is made, where the client will choose the proposal that best suits their preferences and needs. If necessary, several revisions can be made on the chosen proposal and thus be able to polish and perfect the final result.


Our job as a design studio is to advise and guide companies in their identity and brand strategy. For this reason, we adapt both to the needs of the company and to those of the target audience that you want to reach.

The image that your company projects is as important as the products and/or services it offers.

It is essential to communicate the message to be transmitted in a clear and attractive way so that consumers perceive it in their minds and hearts over time. At MIREgráfico, we offer all the knowledge and skills that will help you achieve a professional image that generates confidence, and above all, results.


The graphic designer is a professional at the service of the creativity and advertising. The graphic designer's job is not only to know how to use design programs, but also to create designs that convey visual messages in accordance with the objectives and corporate identity of the brand/company, taking into account very relevant aspects such as the user's experince. A graphic designer who considers himself a good design professional must master the visual elements in all types of supports, whether it is digital design or when carrying out, for example, printed production. In short, a graphic designer can carry out designs or work in the field artistic like illustration, although his main work is more focused on the world of communication and advertising.


Our availability is immediate. If you have any questions or need any type of information, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form that you will find below. You can also call us by phone, write to us by Whatsapp, Telegram, or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to advise you and find the best solution based on your objectives and needs. We will respond to you within 48 hours.



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