Today, differentiating from the immense competition is a key factor to take into account when creating a company or improving its image. A good branding job is the differentiating element that can distinguish and position your company in the market.

Branding or brand management refers to the process of build a brand with the aim of creating a reliable image, with character and increasing value over time.

The brand is more than a simple name or symbol, it is the purpose of the company, the one that guides the actions to follow, the one that directly influences your audience. is the one defines and communicates identity and personality of the company outside the organization. It allows communication and identification with people, promoting a positive image and experience in order to reach and create a unique relationship with the desired audience.


The branding work consists of communicate appropriately and uniquely the purpose of the business, its bases and foundations, its short and long-term promises, its values and attributes. Through the brand, the consumer creates perceived experiences and feelings with the organization. That is why it is essential to establish and develop strategies to create and maintain the brand, to preserve over time that continuous experience with the consumer.

Our job is to help you create a special bond with your customers through a single brand. We take care of everything: from the creation of the concept, the development of the strategies as well as the design of the actions to be carried out to make themselves known or grow in the market.

At MIREgráfico we work with our clients in the construction of powerful and durable brands over time. A strong brand is the key to being able to connect with the target audience and communicate the ideas of the company, its values and its credibility. Positively connect with the end customer as well as create a positive image in their mind and heart will positively influence their purchasing decisions.

The brand is one of the most powerful tools to make yourself known or acquire new customers. It is the main means to get the consumer to capture and stay with the perception of the business in his mind. It allows you to get closer to people, share stories, emotions or experiences. is the key to distinguish yourself and communicate with the desired audience.


Below we show you some of our most outstanding works from each of the design disciplines we work with. If you want to see more work done by our studio, you can do so by visiting our portfolio.

Queen Rynut V2

Queen Rynut V2

Queen Rynut es un e-liquid o líquido para vaporizadores receta propia del equipo formado por ESVAPOR. El líquido en esta segunda versión está producido por la marca italiana Blendfeel siendo ESVAPOR los creadores y distribuidores.Briefing El cliente tenía la necesidad de crear una nueva ... Read more

Turbos Online

Turbos Online

Turbos Online is a company located in Zamora dedicated to the physical and online sale of turbochargers as well as other automotive-related accessories and components. They work with first line and high quality brands such as Sachs Performance, Ferodo racing, Loba Motor sport and ... Read more

Capture magazine

Capture magazine

Capture magazine is a magazine specialized in graffiti that was born in 2014 as a project of two graffiti writers based in Madrid, with the aim of spreading varied and quality graffiti around the world. The magazine consists of three different versions (paper, pdf and ... Read more

WHES logo

WHES logo

WHES (World Hard Enduro Series) es el epicentro del enduro extremo. La web de consulta para conocer pilotos, carreras y el ranking que determina quiénes son los mejores riders del mundo.Branding El logotipo (isologotipo) del WHES está compuesto por una ilustración que representa a una parte de ... Read more


We are characterized by being totally transparent with our clients, we believe that having continuous communication and feedback is a very positive and beneficial aspect during the work process, as well as to achieve optimal results. As for delivery times, they are fully customized depending on the complexity of the project and its urgency.


After a first contact with the client, we always carry out a small investigation about the needs of our client and their competition in order to correctly prepare a briefing that will determine the strategy.


Once the briefing has been prepared, it is time to develop a strategy, determine the key aspects that must be worked on in order to communicate the desired image and message in the most correct way and thus be able to achieve the desired objectives.


Once the guideline to follow has been set, the design of several proposals will be carried out, among which a screening will be carried out in order to only present the most appropriate and best executed proposals to the client.


Finally, the final presentation to the client is made, where the client will choose the proposal that best suits their preferences and needs. If necessary, several revisions can be made on the chosen proposal and thus be able to polish and perfect the final result.


Our job as a design studio is to advise and guide companies in their identity and brand strategy. For this reason, we adapt both to the needs of the company and to those of the target audience that you want to reach.

The image that your company projects is as important as the products and/or services it offers.

It is essential to communicate the message to be transmitted in a clear and attractive way so that consumers perceive it in their minds and hearts over time. At MIREgráfico, we offer all the knowledge and skills that will help you achieve a professional image that generates confidence, and above all, results.

At MIREgráfico we are in charge of developing the branding strategy of your company Branding is the job of brand management, to create marketing strategies effective and planned with a solid structure to ensure a visual identity and a brand identity powerful, growing and lasting over time. 

The marketing strategies involve long-term planning. Our mission is to create all the elements and values to strengthen the brand identity and the visual identity of your bussines. 

A good branding strategy It's fundamental. The consumer creates an association with the brand based on the perception of the consumer. product or the service offered. Each person perceives a brand differently, so it is important to establish and develop a unique branding strategy.

This branding strategies will allow the growth and positioning of the company in the market.


Our availability is immediate. If you have any questions or need any type of information, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form that you will find below. You can also call us by phone, write to us by Whatsapp, Telegram, or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to advise you and find the best solution based on your objectives and needs. We will respond to you within 48 hours.



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