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MIREgráfico is a MULTIDISCIPLINARY design studio Somos un equipo con una extensa formación profesional y preparado para aforntar cualquier tipo de proyecto. Trabajamos con clientes de ámbito tanto nacional como internacional, el diseño y el buen hacer no tienen fronteras.

At MIREgráfico we believe in design. Good design helps to sell more porque es la manera más eficiente de transmitir de forma creíble el mensajes de nuestra marca, sus valores, y porque es esencial para ofrecer una presentación  serious and professional of our services or products. As it is said, "The first impression is what counts".


Do you need a logo for your new brand?
A web page to give visibility to your business on the internet?
In our studio we can help you with all this and much more.
See below all the services we can offer you.
We are at your disposal to advise you and find the most appropriate solution for your needs and help you meet your goals.


Branding is the work of brand management with the objective of making it known, desired and with a positive image in the minds and hearts of consumers. Branding or brand management involves actions related to the purpose, brand values and positioning, creating a connection with the public to influence their purchasing decisions.

  • Brand design
  • Brand Book
  • Logos
  • Naming
  • Corporate image


We always seek to create impressive graphics, in accordance with the philosophy of each brand and that manage to highlight and distinguish the visual communication created for each of our clients. so that the visual communication of your company is coherent, attractive and professional.

    • Advertising design
    • Editorial design
    • Corporate design:
    • Packaging
    • Design for events:
    • Signage design


    We build web pages adapted to the needs of each client, with an exclusive design and based on an intuitive, flexible and easy-to-use content manager. We create from the simplest type of web such as a landing page to complex online stores.

    • Corporate web pages
    • Web shop | e-commerce
    • Microsites
    • Landing pages
    • Blogs
    • Development of specific functionalities


    We also carry out projects related to illustration (traditional or digital), photography, photomontage or photo retouching.

    We are passionate about letters and their shapes, we love typography, calligraphy and lettering, which is why we also do this type of work.

    • Caligrafiía
    • Lettering
    • Ilustración
    • Fotografía
    • Vídeo


    Below we show you some of our most outstanding works from each of the design disciplines we work with. If you want to see more work done by our studio, you can do so by visiting our portfolio.

    The Force is Female

    The Force is Female

    The iconic Air Force 1 is a symbol of hustle, hard work, and success. As more and more women embrace this look, and make it their own, the phrase The Force Is Female was born. The Force Is Female became a rally cry for women around the world, to recognize each other's hustle and help one another to uplift entire communities. The Force Is Female is a symbol of the collective hustle towards progress - a movement that can change the world. With this in mind, Nike is looking to harness the power of the creative collective to show the world what The Force Is Female stands for. For this contest I made three different proposals, with two variations each (photographic background or abstract background). All the proposals are based on calligraphy, trying to convey femininity and strength. Read more

    MARCA – infografía

    MARCA - infography

    During the summer of 2010 I was a scholarship holder from the sports newspaper MARCA, there were 3 almost 4 months in which I worked and learned a lot as well as being able to enjoy the only World Cup that the Spanish team has won to date. Below I show a selection of works I did at that time. Read more



    The Royal Spanish Motorcycle Federation has trusted our studio to create its online store: rfmestore.com. It is a website with a multi-vendor online store (orders are managed by different suppliers) and with an order export and billing system made to measure in order to carry out accounting in the simplest and most comfortable way possible. Read more



    Recreart is a store located in Zamora that offers a wide variety of handmade products and also the necessary materials to make them. From wool, fabrics and haberdashery... to beads and fine jewelry. Our client needed the creation of a new corporate image and different applications such as business cards, bags and the exterior sign of the store. Read more


    We are characterized by being totally transparent with our clients, we believe that having continuous communication and feedback is a very positive and beneficial aspect during the work process, as well as to achieve optimal results. As for delivery times, they are fully customized depending on the complexity of the project and its urgency.


    It is always necessary to analyze the type of work to be carried out and, if necessary, carry out a small study of direct and indirect competition in order to subsequently develop an appropriate strategy.


    It is time to detect opportunities and analyze strengths and weaknesses in order to prepare a briefing or a "road map" to follow to achieve the desired objectives.


    Based on the prepared briefing, the creation process begins where the ideas begin to become something tangible according to the opportunities detected and according to the strategy to be followed.


    Finally, all the proposals prepared are reviewed and only those that meet the set objectives or those that have the most potential to finally make a presentation to the client are selected and reviewed.

    design for companies

    In our studio we offer a wide range of services related to design, advertising and marketing to cover all your needs.

    We also offer printed production, we work with specialized printers and with extensive professional experience, offering all kinds of finishes and qualities at competitive prices. Put your project in our hands, we take care of everything.


    Our job as a design studio is to advise and guide companies in their identity and brand strategy. For this reason, we adapt both to the needs of the company and to those of the target audience that you want to reach.

    The image that your company projects is as important as the products and/or services it offers.

    It is essential to communicate the message to be transmitted in a clear and attractive way so that consumers perceive it in their minds and hearts over time. At MIREgráfico, we offer all the knowledge and skills that will help you achieve a professional image that generates confidence, and above all, results.


    Our availability is immediate. If you have any questions or need any type of information, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form that you will find below. You can also call us by phone, write to us by Whatsapp, Telegram, or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to advise you and find the best solution based on your objectives and needs. We will respond to you within 48 hours.



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    MIREgráfico is a design agency Flexible and well resourced. We have a team qualified with extensive professional training and prepared to face any type of project. We offer a design services effective thanks to our academic preparation, our knowledge, our experience and our constant learning. We have the necessary resources to offer designs of the best quality. we are one design company listening to current changes and needs. Today a good brand image It is essential to be able to differentiate and position yourself in the market.

    The process of a powerful brand creation goes beyond the realization of a good logo design, the positive impressions of a brand will be those that directly influence your audience and therefore its recognition. At MIREgraphic we are aware of the benefits of design for a brand to be successful. Whatever your final application, we take care of all our designs: logo design, illustrations, poster design, flyers, product catalogues…


    The best advertising is the one made by satisfied customers. Some of our clients have dedicated their time to write a few words about our work on our official Facebook or Google pages.