The studio is located in the province of Zamora, although we work with all kinds of clients nationally and internationally; We firmly believe that both our clients and our work have no limits or borders.
The team that makes up MIREgráfico is made up of professionals specialized in different fields of design, advertising, marketing, programming, photography and in general from the world of design. In short, a trained team without fear of facing any type of project


Efficacy is achieving a result or effect. In contrast, efficiency is the ability to achieve the effect in question with the minimum possible viable resources. Effectiveness is the union of efficiency and effectiveness, that is, it seeks to achieve a desired effect, in the shortest possible time and with the least amount of resources.


We like to be clear and direct with our clients, our main objective is to offer the most appropriate solution and services for each type of client in order to meet realistic objectives and achieve results and total satisfaction.


We are qualified to perform the services we offer. We have the necessary knowledge and experience. We are always in continuous learning to adapt to new techniques and market trends and offer the most appropriate solution to customer needs.


We put our hearts into each project, we like to treat every detail with care and we are not afraid of the different challenges or obstacles that may arise. The "Yes, you can" is our engine.


The satisfaction of our clients is our main objective, we are committed to each project from beginning to end and we take care of the interests of our clients as if they were our own.


We like to recycle and whenever possible we work digitally. We try to minimize the impact that our activity may have on our environment. The printers we collaborate with are also respectful of the environment.


Our job as a design studio is to advise and guide companies in their identity and brand strategy. For this reason, we adapt both to the needs of the company and to those of the target audience that you want to reach.

The image that your company projects is as important as the products and/or services it offers.

It is essential to communicate the message to be transmitted in a clear and attractive way so that consumers perceive it in their minds and hearts over time. At MIREgráfico, we offer all the knowledge and skills that will help you achieve a professional image that generates confidence, and above all, results.


Below we show you some of our most outstanding works from each of the design disciplines we work with. If you want to see more work done by our studio, you can do so by visiting our portfolio.

The Force is Female

The Force is Female

The iconic Air Force 1 is a symbol of hustle, hard work, and success. As more and more women embrace this look, and make it their own, the phrase The Force Is Female was born. The Force Is Female became a rally cry for women around the world, to recognize each other's hustle and help one another to uplift entire communities. The Force Is Female is a symbol of the collective hustle towards progress - a movement that can change the world. With this in mind, Nike is looking to harness the power of the creative collective to show the world what The Force Is Female stands for. For this contest I made three different proposals, with two variations each (photographic background or abstract background). All the proposals are based on calligraphy, trying to convey femininity and strength. Read more

MARCA – infografía

MARCA - infography

During the summer of 2010 I was a scholarship holder from the sports newspaper MARCA, there were 3 almost 4 months in which I worked and learned a lot as well as being able to enjoy the only World Cup that the Spanish team has won to date. Below I show a selection of works I did at that time. Read more



The Royal Spanish Motorcycle Federation has trusted our studio to create its online store: rfmestore.com. It is a website with a multi-vendor online store (orders are managed by different suppliers) and with an order export and billing system made to measure in order to carry out accounting in the simplest and most comfortable way possible. Read more



Recreart is a store located in Zamora that offers a wide variety of handmade products and also the necessary materials to make them. From wool, fabrics and haberdashery... to beads and fine jewelry. Our client needed the creation of a new corporate image and different applications such as business cards, bags and the exterior sign of the store. Read more

Miguel Recio Alfonso, diseñador gráfico & web

Miguel Recio is the visible head and the founder of the study.

Graduated in Advertising and PR from the Pontifical University of Salamanca and Master's degree in advertising graphic design (graphic design, web design and motion graphics) at the Trazos School in Madrid.

Miguel has always been a very creative person, passionate about the artistic world. He is a lover of illustration, design, calligraphy and ultimately of the entire visual field.

After 10 years of experience working in a communication and advertising agency, he decided to launch himself and create his own studio/agency.

His Curriculum Vitae (training & experience) can be found by clicking on the button below.


Our availability is immediate. If you have any questions or need any type of information, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form that you will find below. You can also call us by phone, write to us by Whatsapp, Telegram, or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to advise you and find the best solution based on your objectives and needs. We will respond to you within 48 hours.



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